About PHPMap


PHPMap allows you to easily find and collaborate with other php developers in your area. Connect and work with others on the next big thing!

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Developers markdown! Write your articles in markdown and share them with others. You can also export and use them on sites like GitHub and other sites/apps that support .md files.


Find other developers in your area and connect with them. Organize meetups, work on projects and make friends. Maybe you will also find your new job!


Learn from other developers on PHPMap! As a developer, you will never stop learning. Find developers around you and learn from the best.


Back in 2015, Florian Wartner was building Laramap which was only for the Laravel Community. He decided to reinvent the idea behind Laramap and created PHPMap. After Taylor Otwell pushed the first code of Laravel 5.3 on GitHub, Florian started working on PHPMap. It was released on August the 28. in 2016 right after Laravel 5.3 was released.

PHPMap is a community for PHP-Developers around the globe to organize meetups, get to know other developers in your city/country and learning from others.


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